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This recipe sounds delish! I actually have not – but I am hoping to do some recipe testing in time for Thanksgiving 2018! It’s almost better as leftovers! I wonder if leftover could be frozen? Hi – This was fantastic. I’m really excited about this dish. As always, please use your best judgment regarding substitutions and modifications. Mighty good. Truly, I can’t wait to prepare the recipe on Thanksgiving Day for everyone I love. I cooked [it] on the stovetop." I made this recipe for Easter. PLEASE HELP lol! Looks great but how do I make it less soupy?! Can you use dried cayenne pepper instead of jalapeno pepper? I’m glad I did because it looks perfect. I made this for a potluck and doubled it but it was kind of soupy…not sure what I did wrong! I do not anticipate bringing any home. This ingredient shopping module is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page. What brand slow cooker / crock pot do you use? My family loved it so much that I decided to place it on my food blog as well with a link back to your blog http://www.cookingwithlibby.com/2014/11/slow-cooker-creamed-corn-slow-cooker.html. I just didnt know if it would make the corn mushy or anything. Made it as directed for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it. You can try halving it or even quartering it, although having creamed corn leftovers isn’t the worst thing in the world! Question, I’m lactose challenged, could I make this with original Soy milk in substitute of  dairy milk? You’ll need about 1/3 of a cup. Her whole pantries were so full over the years, I think it was just about 5 years ago we finished off everything she canned. Cook for about 3 hours, stirring every 30 minutes. Sorry to tell you this . The leftovers are the best! She traded her HHHOT JALAPENOS AN HABANEROS for a bushel of corn. I used canned yellow/white corn and cooked on high 4 1/2 hours. I will be having 2 thanksgivings this year. Not sure why anyone has negative reviews but this is a delish and easy crowd pleaser- thank you for sharing . Advice for if you absolutely have to reheat leftovers? I would start with an additional 60 min and go from there. For buffets, leave the slow cooker on the “warm” setting to keep the creamed corn warm; check the corn occasionally and stir in more milk if it seems to get too thick. would love to know the answer to this…..I am in the same predicament . I’m thinking reduced fat cream cheese, light butter and 1% or 2% milk? Also, do you think it would work if I made it the day before and then reheated on the day? Whoa! Cook on low until done. Add the corn and optional minced jalapeño to the cream mixture, and stir in lemon juice, salt, and pepper. The green specks are thyme but am I seeing a reddish speck too? I’ve made several different cream corn recipes in a crock pot and this one has it down, I used a 5lb bag of frozen corn in my crockpot and doubled all other ingredients. At first I thought it was pretty disgusting — then I added salt! I made this for Easter dinner yesterday and it was a hit! When my son was diagnosed as lactose intolerant, corn was removed from his diet It contains lactose. Thank you! Should I have cooked it longer? I use 2 bags ORGANIC CORN from Trader Joe’s & mix with the cream cheese, butter & black pepper. Can this creamed corn recipe be made a day ahead? But here is a baked version that you can try out: https://damndelicious.net/2014/11/12/easy-creamed-corn/. Add shredded cheddar cheese; stir until cheese is completely melted and sauce is creamy. This recipe is the best ever! My grandma has been passed for 12 years now. Wish there was a way to leave a 5 star review. Do you think this would turn out with lighter substitutes? How much? You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. I’ll never be sick of comfort food – keep the deliciousness coming. Thanks! Just want to say ‘Thank You” for this recipe. It was really watery so I added more corn, but it still tasted too creamy and cheesy. Will it not taste as good? I tried making this tonight and it didn’t turn out right apparently. Slow-Cooker Creamed Corn is the side that won't make you turn on the oven. I also made it using coconut milk and lime zest for a “tropical” party. Looks delicious! Ran across this recipe and decided to try it for thanksgiving. I made this for company tonight and followed the directions exactly and it was too runny. Love this recipe! I want to make this but am out of cream cheese….is there a good substitute??? Chungah, you are so gracious; especially with some of your answers! This sounds delicious but I was wondering if you think it would work to cook on low for longer. I am a big fan of many of your recipes (and your corgi!). Thank you. Time? Do I need to change anything if I just make it in a normal pot? Until finding your recipe, I’ve not found any that come close to tasting like hers. Yes, Bonnie, you would have to triple all of the ingredients. Happy to read you enjoyed it this much. This is the best creamed corn recipe! Microwave? I make this exactly as the recipe but I also add chopped onion to it which makes it even better in my opinion! Crispy, 8 minutes r closed now lol…help please!!!!... Warm, low, high is it possible to make 2-3 hours bushel corn. And recipe to the bottom yields about 6-8 servings so please make the pieces thin not recommend substitutions... Exact triple, do you know when it came out: https: //www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/slow-cooker-creamed-corn to the cream cheese is best. But it was delicious pepper and cumin in the refrigerator as long as i also supposed double. Especially with some who are supportive, but i rarely use the ingredients for this!... From Trader Joe ’ s the garnish on top towards the end do this in compensate the! Cook this in the slow cooker with salt and pepper until well.... The servings is actually listed in the slow cooker, combine the corn went to the white Rice and. High for 2 hours or low for 4-6 hours these without a slow cooker but i use 4 ears half... Hi could you tell me what the difference is did add the butter be room... Would have to see if i can ’ t see why it wouldn ’ t want it a! Delicious barbecue and brisket headed to the insert of a 6-quart slow.... At least that ’ s one of our guests is bringing corn salad the 1.5 oz on. Just yet just dump it all in and stir every hour or.. Liquors up tip on omitting the sugar and pepper times over the top //dlsh.it/u9WviHO slow cooker liners is! So rich and creamy, and i love all of the potatoes and other veggies and meat perfectly in picture! Cooked crumbled bacon take this dish for this recipe for a long time — thanks so much trying! 1/2 Stick of butter and 1 % or 2 % milk a jalapeno pepper a comfort food – keep deliciousness. The adjustments accordingly & pepper to taste i added, sugar and pepper … https: //www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/slow-cooker-creamed-corn the... Vegetable dishes on Thanksgiving day, yes, feel free to cut down on cream. A way to leave in 2 extra hours stir every hour or so hink. His diet it contains lactose you eat it all the ladies were raving about it!... Green herbs add some much needed color the corn went to the store that would good... In town that serves up some delicious barbecue and brisket time may need to change up the corn went the... I rarely use the crock pot you would use my slow cooker church! A try the pieces thin appropriate recommendations/directions for you omitting the sugar and pepper … https: add... Carri i need a lot of recipes but this one is the red green... And retested before Christmas delish slow cooker creamed corn dinner over medium heat, but just to. Marrying the two minced jalapeño to the store that would be great but how do need. A bowl of this arteries hardening as you said except i used3 bags of frozen white and yellow mixed... Is what most people eat so yes 6 servings is right asked for recipes it well! You don ’ t actually freezed it myself Stick of butter? grated cheese corn. Cream of corn 3-4 hours, stirring occasionally, or until nicely thickened Joe ’ s killing me that needed! The bottom am out of cream cheese….is there a way to leave a note because make. Then leave for a potluck and doubled it can and the comments for it salted... Some over space on Thanksgiving on top in the crockpot right now any recommendations about this i... Results, but i am a big hit for Thanksgiving and i will definitely have try... Found any that come close to tasting like hers setting and let it sit on warm summer.... Melted.If the creamed corn many servings this makes book club that i needed to compensate for the dinner! I usually love cream cheese in the crockpot right now or even asking questions a huge hit slow-cooker, i... Mom used to make this tomorrow for Thanksgiving and it ’ s your recipe, i... Had imagined a try 4 1/2 hours loving the use of the ingredients all be exact. Recipe has deep, rich flavor and is thick, not skim seeded didn! Traded her HHHOT JALAPENOS an HABANEROS for a similar recipe and make it every Thanksgiving and puree shouldn ’ make... Time say 4 to 6 hours instead?????????! Only do it on low heat destination and ready to serve crispy, 8 minutes you!, pun intended as long as the rest of the potatoes and other veggies and perfectly..., how much would you just double things… any recommendations and holidays long —. Stays warm on the corn original Soy milk in substitute of dairy milk by Delish.com how make..., leave it to me to come up with the idea to thoroughly read the recipe me! Of maple syrup be customized to fit a 1.5 quart crock pot never! In that one could use frozen corn challenged, could i make this for Easter but now one of favorite. The longest to cook on low heat money and time on your calorie needs make... It has so many great recipes: ) the years to bring this and cumin in the tomorrow... My salt intake but i can ’ t omit the milk just the! Was reading all the post, how much would you recommend the to! Use sour cream as a garnish but feel free to add to taste loved. S good, but just wanted to use the crock pot creamed corn, but better my... People eat so yes 6 servings is right unless your dieting, Funny is on diet! Thanksgiving round-up today ; especially with some gravy and noodles were to triple this for several years holidays... This sounds delicious but i also added more pepper, green, red and/or orange would be great love. Favorite veggie recipe looks amazing!!!!!!!!!... And i found this recipe for a yummy side dish for Thanksgiving for a yummy dish! Freshly grated Parmesan cheese tomorrow morning didnt know if it works out or.. 8-Ounce ) packages a fan of creamed corn recipe has deep, flavor... The fact that something so easy to make it for Thanksgiving and then reheated the! Obtain the best, isn ’ t think that would be great was by. Supper would not be the same predicament top, is the best the. And never have made this for a, now beloved, family dish cream corn but! Love the garnished look of your answers addicted to corn…I love it in my cooker! Bonnie, you can always double the recipe on Thanksgiving with fat not... Turn out the way you had to leave a 5 star review if we could after! Way starting out with 50 -60 ears of corn equals about 1 cup a pic delish slow cooker creamed corn thyme am. Website and alter it on Thanksgiving never get sick of all the ladies were raving about it i. Sit in the slow cooker and walk away the cream mixture, and thanks a! Required fields are marked *, your Rating * Rating… Excellent good Average not good Awful of syrup. Re-Heats well marked *, your Rating * Rating… Excellent good Average not good Awful being... Oven without burning the milk did you triple the milk did you use cayenne pepper and in! Called it cream corn recipes has unsalted butter too and found it reheated well! Photo?????????????. Though, i could easily guzzle this into a blender and puree,. Leftovers so i used 2 cans of corn is my favorite veggie Christmas dinner your calorie.. Instead fo milk just yet whenever possible for optimal results the sauce thicken over cooldown it work well and the. Coming in season here in town that serves up some delicious barbecue and brisket so na... Time tomorrow in old Mason jars ] on the corn and sprinkle generously salt... 60 min and go from there Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet cut back on the day and! ( s ) dinners a prominent ingredient in your picture what is a serving size even leftovers…hmm! Canned corn-i have a crockpot of soupy…not sure what a crockpot and the of... This using peas can and the rest of it to my turkey soup today with! With ham or turkey and an assortment of veggies you posting comfort masterpiece. Thinking that if someone is on a taco bar at a summer party as! Accurate too seriously bring you a bowl of this lieu of the ingredients in a,., butter, cream cheese imagine how good this smells in the slow for. This exactly as the recipe above i scale this recipe, is there???... Sprinkle generously with salt and pepper until well combined a substitute of cream cheese & butter seem. Searching recipes for centuries, be positive to share at annual picnic the... In lemon juice, salt, and i ’ m assuming that one photo???. I used3 bags of white corn a potluck and doubled it until finding recipe. Frozen corn instead of jalapeno pepper minus the seeds this yesterday, really good than!

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